Computer tomograph SOMATOM go.Now 16 (32) slices
Computed tomograph SOMATOM go.Up 32 (64) slices
Computer tomograph SOMATOM go.Top 64 (128) slices

X-ray computed tomography

Computer tomograph SOMATOM go.All 32 (64) slices
Computed tomograph for radiation therapy SOMATOM Confidence RT Pro
Multispiral computed tomography
Spectral computed tomography SOMATOM Drive
Magnetic resonance tomograph MAGNETOM Skyra 3 Tl
Magnetic resonance tomograph MAGNETOM Aera 1,5 Tl
Magnetic resonance tomograph MAGNETOM Amira 1,5 Tl
Magnetic resonance imaging
Magnetic resonance tomograph MAGNETOM Essenza 1,5 Tl
X-ray angiographic system Artis Zee
C-arm X-ray system Cios Alpha
X-ray system LUMINOS dRF Max
X-ray and fluoroscopy
Mammography digital MAMMOMAT Fusion
Automatic stereoscopic complex EXACTRAC
3D Elements computerized dosimetry planning system
Automatic stereotactic complex
Fixation and Immobilization Products for Radiotherapy Procedures QFix
Sun Nuclear Radiotherapy Control Complex
Means for immobilizing and fixing the patient
Gamma-therapeutic complex AGAT-VT
Remote gamma therapy unit Terabalt ACS 80-100
X-ray computed tomography
Mobile X-ray therapy device TERAD 100
X-ray computed tomography
Mobile X-ray therapy device TERAD 200
SYMBIA Intevo Excel single-photon emission computed tomograph
Combined combined SPECT CT system SYMBIA Intevo Bold
An integrated approach is the key to success!
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