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Joint Stock Company Scientific Research Institute of Technical Physics and Automation is an enterprise of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, which ensures the development and production of science-intensive products in the field of nuclear medicine, radiation equipment and technologies, radionuclide energy, non-destructive testing, as well as superconducting materials and equipment.

The quality and relevance of the manufactured products is confirmed not only by domestic, but also by foreign partners. For more than 30 years, the institute has been supplying products to dozens of foreign countries, constantly expanding the geography of supplies. The specialists of NIITFA JSC take an active part in international scientific, congress and exhibition activities. JSC "NIITFA" carries out its developments in close cooperation with other scientific organizations of the industry and the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Siemens Healthineers helps healthcare institutions around the world improve their value by helping them evolve towards personalized healthcare, new ways of delivering healthcare, digital healthcare and better patient care.

Siemens is constantly expanding its product portfolio with AI-powered clinical applications and digital solutions, which are playing an increasingly important role in next-generation medical technology and strengthen the company's position in high-tech image-guided therapy and in vivo diagnostics.

Brainlab is the world leader in stereotactic radiosurgery equipment and neuronavigation systems. Brainlab manufactures and markets software-controlled medical technologies that provide access to less invasive patient care.

Its key products are for information-guided surgery, radiosurgery, high-precision radiation therapy, digital OR integration, data and knowledge sharing.

Brainlab technologies enhance treatment efficiency in radiation therapy and many surgical fields, including radiosurgery, neurosurgery, spinal and trauma surgery.
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Sun Nuclear Corporation is the world leader in dosimetry equipment and treatment plan control systems (absolute and relative dosimetry, control of individual plans). More than 5,000 cancer institutions around the world rely on Sun Nuclear solutions.

Gammex, a member of the Sun Nuclear Corporation - a leading global manufacturer of tools for monitoring the technical and diagnostic characteristics of ultrasound and X-ray medical equipment (virtual simulation systems, phantoms for checking CT, MRI, ultrasound densities) - allows you to choose the necessary combination of test objects for routine control this equipment and for periodic testing.
ADANI is one of the leaders in the "major league" of world-class high-tech corporations in the development and sales of X-ray equipment: medical, security inspection equipment, non-destructive testing equipment and scientific analytical instruments.

ADANI is an example of a smart next-generation innovation company whose rapid business growth is driven by a unique synergistic infrastructure. Hundreds of highly qualified specialists of various specialties successfully solve the problems and tasks of our clients, creating unique value for them.
Konica Minolta's medical devices division offers digital radiography and ultrasound solutions, as well as diagnostic information management and medical IT systems solutions for hospitals.
Konica Minolta introduced the world's first phase contrast x-ray mammography systems that provide the highest image quality while minimizing patient exposure to x-rays.
Qfix is the world leader in the production of fixation devices and immobilizers for radiation and proton therapy.

The main goal of the company is to provide the best patient positioning systems for radiotherapy with unmatched results. With over 40 years of experience, patient comfort and results are paramount to all of our products.

The company strives to listen closely to the needs of healthcare professionals and, based on their experience, offer precise positioning solutions for cancer treatment.
Since 2018, Varian Medical Systems has been a separate division of Siemens and has taken a leading position in the supply of radiological systems for radiation and proton therapy (linear accelerators, brachytherapy devices, proton complexes, planning systems, information management systems).
In the field of medical technology, the UJP PRAHA product portfolio is based on radiation therapy devices and related devices used in radiation therapy.

Thus, the TERABALT gamma therapy device is designed for the use of all known irradiation techniques and is a representative of a new, modern generation in megavolt cobalt therapy.

The technical performance, design and feasibility of the solution of the complex guarantees high useful properties in clinical practice in the treatment of oncological diseases. The level and quality of the product guarantee the fulfillment of all the generally accepted requirements for the properties of the equipment of a radiotherapy device, both in terms of design and in relation to "Quality Assurance". The reliability of the installation does not place increased demands on the service personnel and maintenance.

The economic benefit of the TERABALT irradiation device is its favorable cost and low installation and maintenance costs.
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